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  • Automatic start, stop and clear
  • UV (ultraviolet) detection: can detect banknotes with suspected UV properties, because fake notes often use white or bleached paper which will reflect UV light and make the surface of note very bright. Real banknotes can absorb UV light.
  • MG (magnetic) detection: can detect banknotes without MG properties, because most of banknotes are printed using magnetic ink.
  • Mix counting for differ
    Add function: allows cumulative counting of all bills, up to a maximum of 999 bills
  • Automatic half-note, chained note, double-note detection
  • Mixed Value counting for EURO and show the each numbers of different denominations.ent denomination of EURO, will show the total amount and total value after counting
  • Sort Function: regard the first EURO banknote as standard, can detect the other denomination of EURO during counting.
  • Batch function: allows you to preset a specific number of bills that the machine will count up to

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